Forge. was founded in 2012 by Personal Trainers, John Buck and Jill Trebilcock. Located in Tulsa’s Historic Pearl District, Forge.’s mission is to build healthier individuals who in turn are better able to serve the ones they love.

Our philosophy is built on three essential components: play. eat. restore.

As Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River, he is quoted as saying, “alea iacta est” – the die is cast. At Forge, we are a community of individuals revolting against that which keeps us static. Our daily acts of revolt allow us to grow in mind, body and spirit.

What is your insurrection?
Join us and let the die be cast.



Forge is a full-service gym in Tulsa's Pearl District, offering conventional and unconventional training methods.

Forge is the official training facility of Marshall Brewing Co Forge is the official training facility of the Tulsa Buffaloes Website by Daniel Jeffries

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