“Wanna be a — baller, shot caller

Twenty inch blades — on the Impala.”

-Lil Troy 1998

The Ball Workout:
Complete 4 Rounds 

*10 Squat, Turn, Balls to the wall 

*10 Ball Slams 

*20 Ball Squat Jab/Cross

*10 Ball Toe Taps (on a 4-count)

*10 Oblique Wall Balls (per side)

*20 Ball Squat Jumps

*10 Backward Tosses

*10 Ball Mountain Climbers (on a 4-count)

*3 Minute Round on Heavy Bag

Cool Down with Abs:

*50 Ball Toss Sit-ups (feet on the wall)

*20 Leg Levers (left, middle, right is one)

Workout developed by Jill Trebilcock, Owner/Partner, Forge. LLC. 

Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.