Suspension training can be done ANYWHERE and introduces a level of instability that promotes greater core recruitment. Affix your TRX per manufacture’s recommendations to a doorway. We love this knockoff found on Amazon at 1/2 the cost. It packs like a boss in carry-on as well.

This total body workout can be done at Forge., in a doorway at home or a hotel room, or at a local park [think swing set or jungle gym equipment].


Perform each exercice for 30 seconds with 30 of seconds rest between sets. Complete 3-5 rounds.

•Alternating Lunges / Targets legs.

•Reverse Fly / Targets upper back and shoulders. 

•Chest Press / Targets pectorals.

•Tricep Extensions / Targets triceps.

•Ab Thrusters / Targets core.

•Pike Push-Up / Targets chest, shoulders, triceps, & core.

•Mountain Climbers / Targets core, glutes, and quadriceps. 

•Squat Jump / Targets quads and glutes.

•Single Leg Split Squats / Targets hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes.

•Rows / Targets back and arms. Game changer for posture.

•Bicep Curls / Targets biceps.

Foot placement in relation to doorway can be adjusted for difficulty level. Hands and feet should generally be ~ shoulder width apart. It’s not the expense of the equipment that counts. It’s the integrity of your movement.

Workout developed by Forge. Co-Founder | Owner, John Buck. Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.