Warm Up:

-High knees 25 yards

-Butt kicks 25 yards

-Straight leg toe touch 25 yards

-TRX squat jumps x 20

(Repeat x2)


-Squats of your choice

(front, back, goblet, kettle bell )

(10 reps)

-Push prowler® sled down and back

(start with 50 lbs, X 1= down and back)

Repeat this super set 5-10 times adding weight each time to your squat weight and sled weight.

-Lunge jumps

3x 20

-Wall squat

3 x 1 minute


Cool Down:

5 minutes on stair climber

Workout developed by John Buck, owner/partner, Forge. LLC

Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.