Stow Your Excuses. Get up. Get Outside. 

John Buck’s Fall 2018 Workout.


Warm up: 

High knees

Butt kicks

High kicks


Each move 20 reps x 3


10 pull-ups followed by 40 yard kettle bell carry  x5


20 push-ups followed by 50 yard sprint x 5


Bear crawl 20 yards followed by 60 second plank

Cool Down:

Walk 1 mile


kettle bell of your choosing

Pictured: Forge. family member, Chuck Gawey, owner of Albert G.’s  When he’s not cursing his trainer you’ll find him smoking the best BBQ in town.

Workout developed by John Buck, Owner | Partner, Forge. LLC.
Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.