Warm up:

*30 jumping jacks

*30 squat jacks (jumping jack but squatting half way down)

*30 plank jacks

Repeat x 3


One medium kettlebell

*Swings x 15

*Goblet squat x 15

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat x 4


Medium kettlebell in each hand

*Squats (kettlebell by your side) x 15

*Lunge x 20 (kettlebell by your side/10 ea.   


Rest 30 seconds

Repeat x 4


Heavy kettlebell in each hand

*Farmer walk the length of Forge.

*Do as many push ups as possible from your kettlebells 

Repeat x 4

No rest between these sets


Workout developed by John Buck, owner/partner, Forge. LLC

Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.