The workout you’ll never see coming.


Wanting to get outside for a beautiful Fall day workout? Find a park and try this workout. Rest assured, it’ll creep up on you!


Both Centennial and the River Parks are great venues for this workout. We love to visit our neighborhood park, Centennial, especially this time of year! Just make sure to run between each bench.


Starting with the first bench, do one step up with each leg, and then a tricep push-up on the edge of bench.


Run to the second bench. Add two step ups, each leg and two tricep push-ups.


Run to the third bench. Complete three step ups, each leg and three tricep push-ups.


Getting the picture? Simply add one step up & push-up for each bench.


Finish 22 benches and you’ve completed over 500 step ups and over 250 push-ups. (Centennial has 21 benches-just repeat the last bench for this circuit)

Benches 1-12 do tricep push-ups.
Benches 13-18 do shoulder width push-ups.
Benches 19-22 do wide push-ups.




Workout developed by Jill Trebilcock, owner/partner, Forge.
Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.