•3 lbs. of grass fed, skinless, boneless chicken breast

•48 oz. (3 cartons) of organic sour cream

•24 oz. (2 cartons) of Pacific Foods organic condensed cream of chicken soup

•36 oz. of organic shredded Mexican cheese

•3 packages of 10 count Organic flour tortillas

•3 packets of Simply Organic Enchiladas Dry Seasoning

•Frontier Spices’ Chipotle Smoked Jalapeño (your call, your palate)

•1 Bunch of fresh scallions

•4 limes juiced


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In stock pot of boiling water, add chicken breasts. Cook ~ 40 minutes. Drain and remove to cool. Shread chicken breasts while incorporating lime juice and 1 packet of enchiladas seasoning. Set aside to marinate.


In large mixing bowl combine sour cream, condensed soup, & 2 packets of enchiladas seasoning.

Enchiladas Assembly:

In a large baking dish, ladle a layer of sauce as the base. Take each tortillas & fill it lengthwise with shredded chicken & cheese. Cigar roll tortilla & line them up as soldiers the length of dish. Once dish has a full house, smother the enchiladas with remaining sauce. Cover with shredded cheese and rim baking dish with cut wedges of tortillas. Garnish with chopped scallions & dashes of smoked Jalapeño.

Bake for 40 min. until cheese is slightly browned & bubbly. Note: recipe makes 2 dishes. Freeze one for a rainy day.

We part time vegans don’t know where the cheese ends and the tortillas begin.