Jayme Burton Arnold

Jayme Burton Arnold - Forge

Former State Tennis Champion (1987) and current Level 4.0 USTA player Jayme Burton Arnold has more than a decade of experience as a creative and motivational group fitness instructor. For the past 13 years, she has held advanced certifications in bootcamp, indoor cycling, and group fitness from Fitour.
In 2008, she trained with Tricia Murphy Madden and became one of only 1300 individuals in the world certified in Urban Striptease Aerobics. But Jayme’s strengths aren’t limited to fitness; she is also a talented chef, successful entrepreneur, and mother of one.
John Buck, co-founder of Forge, lists Jayme among his inspirations that led to the formation of Forge. Her energy and work ethic are boundless. While attending her classes be prepared to push yourself mentally and physically—there’s no time for plateaus.