“Not all who wander are lost.”

-J.R R. Tolkien 

Walk-a-bout workout for the summer adventurer. Do every other day while you travel and are away from the gym. 

Warm up:

*High knees X 20

*Butt kicks X 20

*High kick toe touch X 20

[Repeat X 3]


*Squat X 30

*Glute bridge X 30

*Alt. Lunge X 30 (ea leg)

Step up X 30 (ea leg)

[Repeat X 3]


*100 push ups

*100 bench dips

*100 crunches

*100 bicycles


*Hand stand against the wall X 3

[Hold as long as possible]

Cool down with long walk.


Pictured: Buck’s freakishly gifted feet. South Beach, Florida 

Workout developed by John Buck, owner/partner, Forge. LLC

Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.