A vegan Summer delight: Blackberry Basil Coconut Ice Cream 


*2 cans (15 oz. each) of full fat organic coconut milk 

*2 cups of basil leaves 

*2 cups of blackberries 

*3 oranges (juice from + 2 tsp. of zest) 

*1/4 cup of honey 

*1 1/2 cup of sugar 

*2 Tbs. of almond extract 


Add in this order to your blender or vitamix: basil, blackberries, honey, coconut milk, almond extract, sugar, juice of 3 oranges, & 2 tsp. of orange zest. Blend ingredients until liquified. Transfer to an ice cream bowl to freeze overnight. 

 pictured: basil from Forge.’s garden