While at home, incorporate Buck’s 6 pack challenge into your existing routine 3 Xs per week. Reap the harvest.

Hour #1 | rack up 200 Sit-Ups
•for 10 minutes complete 20 Sit-Ups every minute on the minute

Hour #2 | 1 set of 25 Sit-Ups

Hour #3 | 1 set of 25 Sit-Ups

Hours #4 -#7 | Repeat 1 set of 25 Sit-Ups each hour

By the close of 7 hours, you’ll have racked up 375 Sit-Ups. Afterward, grab a six pack of your favorite local brew. Please drink responsibly and give a toast to the good Dr. Fauci.

Workout developed by Forge. Co-Founder | Owner, John Buck. Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.