Whether you are streaming your favorite show or waiting for what’s cooking in the oven: Jayme’s Countertop Workout will righteously burn your glutes and quads.

Find some area at your counter, a long table or behind your sofa. Do each isolated exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 second pause between. 1 minute Shuffle can been done high or low. Do as many rounds as you’d like up to 30 minutes. Set the timer on your phone and get to burning.

•Kick Backs (30 sec.)

•Heel Lifts (30 sec.)

•Fire Hydrants (30 sec.)

•Shuffle (1 min.)

Options: High Shuffle with counter push off will engage triceps as well as legs and cardio -or- Low Shuffle without counter focuses solely on legs and cardio. You can alternate. You’re not married to either.

Workout developed by Forge. Instructor, Jayme Burton Arnold. Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.