Inspired by one of our favorite places and our family that lives there.

•Meat ≫≫↠ 2 lbs. of organic chicken tenders

•Wash ≫≫↠ 3 eggs + 2 Tbs. honey

•Batter ≫≫↠ 1 cup of Pistachios[Heart of the Desert green chili infused] 1 cup of gluten-free panko [Aleia’s]

•Method ≫≫↠ Set air fryer to 390 degrees | time of 4 minutes. Pat thawed chicken tenders dry. Dip tenders in wash then dredge each in the pistachio panko. Line your soldiers up in air fryer basket and generously cover them in sea salt & pepper. Cook in air fryer for 4 minutes. Flip each tender then finish with 3 additional minutes at same temperature.

Serve on bed of romaine drizzled with Primal Kitchen’s Ranch and your favorite raw honey. Pairs well with a margarita or 2.