Take your kids or your significant other to the park and play…
the old school way.



the warm-up:
*Take a 10 minute jog


the workout:
Repeat x 3 with as little rest as possible
*Body squat x 20
*Monkey bar pull ups
x 10
*Push ups x 20
*Hanging leg raise x
Repeat x 5 as fast as possible
*Mark off 50 yds from a swing set
*Place feet in swing and body in a push up position. Pull knees to chest followed by a push up x 10
*Run 50 yds and back to swing


the cool down:
*Take a 10 minute walk
*Recover with a chocolate milk


the playlist:
( 56 min.)
Comedown. Bush.
cir. 1994
Seven Bridges Road. The Eagles.
cir. 1980
Blue Oyster Cult.
cir. 1977
No More Tears.
Ozzy Osborne.
cir. 1991
Abracadabra. The Steve Miller Band.
cir. 1982
So What’cha Want. Beastie Boys.
cir. 1992
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.
The Hollies.
cir. 1972
Call Me. Blondie.
cir. 1980
Mustang Sally.
Wilson Pickett.
cir. 1966
In Bloom. Nirvana. cir. 1991
Pour Some Sugar on Me. Def Leppard.
cir. 1986
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.
Pearl Jam.
cir. 1993
I Don’t Care Anymore. Phil Collins.
cir. 1983
Natural One.
Folk Implosion.
cir. 1996

Workout developed by John Buck, owner/partner, Forge.
Consult your physician before implementing any exercise or nutritional plan.